NSA adjudication time

Hi, does anyone know what’s the current NSA adjudication timeline is? I was adjudicated a year ago to work for a contractor, but I applied with the agency directly, and they initiated a whole new investigation, which took another year. It has been five weeks since my last (third) poly when I heard, “You proved that you can pass successfully, but i didn’t get to ask you all the questions. You will hear from an adjuducator or from the scheduling team about another polygraph.” Thank you!

I’ve heard a lot of stories about how polygraph interviews wrap up but that’s a new one on me.

Any ideas, is it rather a good or a bad sign? I had three polygraphs this time. The first one I didn’t pass. During the second one, I passed all the questions except for the question on foreign intelligence connections, according to the interviewer. During the third poly, I passed all, including the foreign intelligence question, but that’s what I heard at the end about the questions.

I don’t know. It always seemed to me that there are a lot of head games going on in those interviews/exams. The best outcome is the examiner says “you passed.” I don’t know what to make of that “I didn’t get to ask all the questions” bit.

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