NSA Applicant_Pre_Screening Email

Hello everyone,

I received an email from the NSA this morning asking for more information and documentation to continue my security processing. The email also states that “if I am currently located outside of the US, do not respond to this email request until my return to the US”.

I am happy to receive this email, as it shows that I am still in the hiring process. However, my current situation won’t allow me to return to the US until May 2024.

So my first question is, should I reply to the email to notify the screening & processing team that I am still very interested in the process but won’t be able to return until May 2024?

The second question is, if I do notify them, what are the chances that they will cancel my screening process and move on to the next candidate? Thank you.

Do exactly what the email says. Don’t reply until you’re back in the US. If you can’t call the employer to let them know what’s going on (you should always notify employers and prospective employers of international travel before you go) and if the job you are waiting for is THAT good, then you will probably need to find a way to return to the US sooner (even if just for a day) to respond to the email.