School email became inactive

So after I completed the CESP forms in April, I have been patiently waiting. Around may 13th, I lost access to my school email as my school email became inactive which I used to receive emails for updates regarding my status. I contacted my school and just this morning, I finally gained access back to my school email. Because my email became inactive, I don’t think it was able to receive any emails. I emailed my nsa recruiter explaining that I could not receive any emails until today since may 13, and if it’s possible to know if I missed any updates. My recruiter is usually pretty responsive, but she is not replying to my email at all. What are the chances they dropped me as I failed to reply back to the investigator reaching out to me? I checked my status on application portal and I am still in initial offer phase.

Thats unfortunate. I dont think anyone can answer that. I will say, my recruiter for the same agency is absolutely dreadful at checking in or responding. So it might be they are just that slow right now (even though you said they have been responsive). The entire process is annoying.

So all I can say is hope for the best and that they are just stupid slow. That and maybe call their customer care number that should be in the recruiter’s email signature.

Should have paid closer attention to the chapter titled “Make sure you give reliable contact info to your job and clearance interviewers, Goose!”

So next time, at least 2 contact methods that you control. Cloud email and mobile phone are a good start. Best of luck.