NY State Moving Violation

So I work for a DOD contractor and I have a Secret clearance. I was in Niagara Falls over the long weekend, and while driving back today, I got a speeding ticket (92 mph in 65 mph) in the state of New York. Ticket charges say Section 1180D and violation of NYS V and T Law. I know I was going fast but I really had to use the bathroom and was trying to get to a rest stop as soon as possible, and didn’t realize my speed (Mentioned that to the officer). I had a rare lapse of judgment, my driving record is otherwise clean except for 2 speeding tickets (One in July 2016 and the other in May 2019, both were between 10-20 mph over).

I don’t think I have an option to pay online as the officer told me I have to mail back the ticket whether I plead guilty or not, and also show up at the court I believe (which is 6 hours from home). What are the consequences of this? Will it affect my clearance, if I plead guilty?

I can send a picture of the ticket if that helps. Thank you in advance!

It will have zero effect.

Even if I have to pay over $300 in fines? I mailed back the ticket by pleading not guilty, and also applied for their traffic reduction program (not eligible for traffic diversion as >90 mph). Hopefully, that would bring down the citation, when I show up at the court or when I am accepted into the reduction program.