ODNI Scattered Castles - Record Clarification - Help

Question: I just obtained an updated copy of the ODNI records for Scattered Castles and I am having difficulty trying to understand them. There is one record under General Information/Separation Date reporting the date of April 2020.

I have been in the adjudication process since February 2020. Took the Polygraph in March; have been contacting the FSO for any updates. What does this record of April may mean?

Reads like they ended processing. Relay to FSO see if they can shake the tree.

Thanks for the clarification. It is weird that if they ended the process, they have not called me. I am just waiting for my SCI to be adjudicated. I wonder if it may mean that they did not adjudicate it, but they do not want to provide a SOR.

Countless times, tracking almost 370 clearances in that realm, I would come across a record showing approved. No notice was ever sent to myself or the local client. That means they were cleared but hanging out there. If is possible…it means they acted on the SCI and nobody was notified. Frustrating? Absolutely.


Heard of that a few years back… CSSO called customer to ask about Joe Smith, customer said he was cleared three months ago. She said it was not the first time it happened with that customer.

On the other hand, one time the company got a list of names and a request to see if they still needed to have access… more than one or two had not been with the company for a year or more. So I guess it balances out.

Unless your name is Joe Smith…


Even worse, simply closing a person out. No reason given, cannot produce a secure message or note requesting it. When people had a name change during financial reporting period, and even after submitting multiple name change requests…the financial management folks would simply turn off a clearance. No notice to site security, company security manager, the person…nada. The person remains badged, accesses vaults daily and the compound. Only way I found 3 or 4 was filling out a secure web page for foreign travel on a cruise. Their government identifying number would not populate the system. Pull them up in clearance database…random closeout date listed. Chaos ensues.

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So I reached out my prospective company and they told me that they cannot see the record because it is on Scattered Castles; then I asked my curren company’s security ( which I know I should’t do) and they told me they saw the record and gave me the name of a company which I never worked for, I only interviewed with on 2015.

Also, the other issue is that my TS/SCI looks adjudicated on JPAS according to my current company; while there is a Loss of Jurisdiction on Scattered Castles. My question is: if the Agency I am going to support mainly uses JPAS, why can’t they bring me onboard? I know the loss of jurisdiction can cause huge waiting time due to the CAF to approve your clearance.

They should be able to reactivate you on JPASS/DISS if in scope. If you went beyond 24 months or are close, at times they want to complete an initial BI. That means you stay uncleared till cleared. Normally they bring you on and simultaneously initiate a re investigation. So you are cleared, working and it runs in background.