One year promise - I just got mine

I just got my DOE Q Clearance a few days and the whole thing from the SF-86 submit to cleared was 1 year and 2 weeks. Not bad …

So I’m in CA at a DOE facility in Livermore (yeah, that one …) and about 3 months ago they had a whole slew of investigators travel in from the Vegas / New MX areas and actually reside onsite for several weeks. Fortunately, I got called in for my interview and the rest is history.

So there is hope and they are trying. That’s all I’m writing about. Hang in there.

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They claim desire to cut the backlog in half by Spring. Your experience is encouraging. Of course going from 600K to 300K may only increase MPH by 2…it is better than current.

May I ask if you had a clean record or did you have any issues to mitigate. Trying to establish a timeline for applicants with clean records. Did you receive an Interim?

Yes, I had a link to that article from govexec . com, but the review folks here at this site edited it off my post. I thought it was interesting.

Yes, I had a clean record. I know others with clean records though that started long before me and I can tell you it made a huge difference to have investigators come to the actual site and start calling people in. A co-worker had his interview not 3 months after turning in the SF-86 because of that.

I think they’re just starting to get over the hack at OPM 2.5 years ago, or so. It’s nice there’s effort being made. There’s even talk of extending the 5-yr re investigation to 10 years if there are no incidents of any kind. But right now that’s just talk.

I did not answer your second question. No, this not an interim clearance. It’s a full blown, regular Q.