OneForce process

How does OneForce work? I know OneForce is contracted under Peraton. Does OneForce have their own review specialist’s or do they send all their cases to Peraton for review? If you work for OneForce are you essentially a Peraton CI with a Peraton laptop and working through Peraton’s platform?

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Great company. :grinning:They are hiring….BIs get Peraton email addresses and we are like Peraton BI workers. Get P work computer. All work goes to P reviewers. Work assigned via 1Force peeps from Peraton. Same help desk resources. But no mileage given as we are independent BIs. Paid by item. Highly recommend. Only way to enjoy career/work and not get stressed out is to be independent BI in my opinion. Been there, done that, as overworked FT worker bee.