Open Incident report for failure to do foreign contact reports

I need of some advice on what to do when I have an open incident report for failure to do foreign contact reports.

I basically had an incident report put in by company A for not doing foreign contact reports (something I disclosed to them while doing my poly). Now Company A is telling me I can’t start my contract until the incident report is resolved but did not mention anything about termination or not employing me (so I assume they are still sponsoring my clearance and I’m still technically an employee/ it’s in their cage code). Since they won’t deploy me I wanted to try to take another contract with company B for 6 months until the incident gets resolved. Will this be an issue? If company A is DOD and Company B is DOS will it still show as open incident report when I try to go with Company B ? Does a DOD company HAVE to drop my clearance in order for a DOS company to pick it up ? If I leave Company A will I automatically get Loss of jurisdiction?