Oppenheimer: thoughts?

Any of you investigators see “Oppenheimer” yet? The bomb project was where the modern security clearance process was born! Echoes today in some of the questions you hear posed in the movie.


Fantastic movie, little artsy for me in spots though.

Was interesting to see the politcs behind the clearance process at the time, makes me wonder if it still goes on today with high profile subjects.


Was hoping this topic would get more play considering how the personnel security process is central to the film. How do you guys like being Col Pash, or at least being the heel with the glasses who dangled Oppenheimer’s Q clearance in front of him?

If that movie took place today Col. Pash wouldn’t be sweating Oppenheimer about his ties to Communists. He’d spend hours wanting to know how Oppenheimer could live in New Mexico while working in California. Or wanting to know the birthdate of his professor at Cambridge.


COL. PASH: “Dr. Oppenheimer, it says here on your questionnaire that you are the laboratory director.”

OPPENHEIMER: “That’s right.”

COL. PASH, menacingly: “We’ve developed information during the investigation that your title is in fact research director. Would you care to explain this discrepancy?”

[ominous Christopher Nolan music]


Who has time to watch a movie?


#ContractInvestigatorLyfe, baby


I saw it with another Investigator…haha…we spent parts of the movie just smirking at each other.

Fantastic movie, I didn’t even mind that it was 3 hours long with no intermission.