Pretty sure I know where I am in the process

All, I’m pretty sure I know where I am in the process but I wanted to consolidate all the information I had in one place and get anyone’s (but especially a BIs’) opinion on where I am in the clearance process. About a few weeks to a month or so ago the following happened:

  • My investigator asked me for contact info on folks back at my office at the Pentagon
  • A friend who was initially contacted in December after my PSI was finally interviewed
  • Another investigator called me asking for info from my office back in 2012
  • My investigator met me to get me to sign a 2nd medical release–supposedly the first one expired or was going to.

So I’m guessing we’re still in the investigation phase? “Duh” most would say but someone on here mentioned talking to their investigator once or twice after the initial PSI and then getting a quick favorable adjudication. So those in the “know,” am I still in the investigative phase (for who knows how long) or are we in the adjudication phase?


  • Sept 16: Submitted SF-86
  • Nov 16: Investigation opened/credit pulled
  • Dec 17: PSI and signed first release
  • Apr/May 18: All of the stuff I mentioned in at the top of this post

If you’re signing release forms it’s open and pending.

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Thanks. I thought that the friend getting interviewed was probably the biggest thing but I’m not sure. I’d rather know if this is still being investigated or if it has closed. Since I currently have a job, I’m not really in a rush per-se.

qazw, You’re saying the tail end of the investigative process, correct? So we’re not even at adjudication? the BI said the re-signed medical release was from the adjudicators…we’ll see.

qazw, thanks. My friend that they interviewed a few weeks ago was someone that I mentioned during my PSI back in December. That’s why I was confused as to where I was in the process. A FOIA request seems like the only way to get any real info.