Other DOS Clearances?

Hey, I have been on this website for over two years. I was wondering If there are any other people waiting for State Department Clearances? I am curious what your experience has been like. This whole process has been a nightmare of waiting and doubt. It has cost me two years of my life and I feel like it might be for nothing. I passed my OA for the consular Fellows position in early 2017 and I have been waiting since.

State…remains cryptic and also does not play well in the sandbox with others. Only State can assist in telling you if you are even still in process. Expect 18 months minimum from date of initiation to a TS. If you started mid to late '17…you are almost or just past that point. But could easily go another 6 months.

Oh wow. Thanks. I only concern now is that I am planning on taking the FSOT in June and if I am denied I might have to wait a year or more. I just need to know. It has honestly been crazy. But as soon as I know, it will be nice.

18 to 24 months for a full TS is routine right now. 36 months if there were financial concerns. It is a long process. Here’s hoping the reforms really do deliver.

Oh wow. It would be about 24 months this month. (from the start of the investigation until now.)