State Department clearance timeline if you have collateral TS

I’m interested in a few State Department jobs that require either a TS or just an S. I currently have a collateral TS with a different organization, working as a contractor.
I was wondering, does anyone know how long it takes to do the government onboarding process for S and TS State jobs for those in my position, with a clearance as a contractor? Days? Weeks? Months? A year plus? Is it for sure just a simple crossover or is there more to it? The other posts here don’t seem to quite match my situation.

I wouldn’t even try to guess a timeline other than to put it in the “months” category, but it seems that in the vast majority of cases, State does not grant reciprocity (which they could do) but decides to do their own investigation from scratch.

I’m sure there are exceptions but have not heard of many.

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