Out-of-towner Poly appointment

Received e-mail overnight from my prospective Company advising that the Customer wanted me to call the Poly Office ASAP. I called them at 4am my time (allied foreign country) and spoke to the admin and she basically made it clear they want me back as soon as possible for an appointment and that I would be treated as an out-of-towner (4 hr appt and if more time needed then 1hr lunch and another round of poly in afternoon).

My question is this: if I’m treated as an out-of towner and they “get it all done in one day so you don’t have to come back”…does this mean they put through the adjudication as well on the poly? My appointment is up in Chantilly as well.

There’s the poly… deciding if it was “successful”… and then there is final adjudication of the clearance.

Typically you know right away if the poly is good or if you need to come back. Adjudication… well that’s a different matter.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck! Two sessions in one day (if it comes to that) is rough, not to mention the jet lag. Hardly the ideal situation. And they always tell you to get a good night’s sleep beforehand.

I was told that my poly is needed before adjudication. Different customer though, Maryland.

If they are scheduling a Poly and having me travel overseas (back to the US) is it safe to assume the investigation portion is done? Is the Poly the last thing before adjudication normally?

(Just my personal experience). I was supposed to do the poly a few months ago. Ended up doing my subject interview first. I asked the interviewer and he said he was pretty much done, just had to follow up with one job since the supervisor never responded to his calls.

Anyway. If your subject interview is done (if you even needed one) then I’m guessing you’ll go to adjudication after your poly.

Actually, jet lag is the best thing that can happen to you before the poly.
I came back from an overseas trip and the next morning had a poly scheduled. I was so sleepy during the whole poly process that the lady screamed at me: Are you intentionally calming yourself? I didn’t, I was just tired and sleepy, so the machine probably had a straight line throughout the whole questioning. I passed.