Passed secret interim - what about the rest?

I’ve been cleared to start work next week after the green light came through for my secret interim (it took about a month). I assume the big stuff like drugs, out-of-country travel, debt, criminal history, and prior military have been looked at in the interim? What’s left to look at once it’s been approved?

I want to move my family up here (hours away from home), but only if I’m reasonably sure that the rest of the process should be ok. It would really suck if we sold/bought a house only to get rejected by the post-interim clearance process in a town with few related jobs. I’m unemployed, so I don’t really have a choice to wait for the whole thing to clear, and we don’t want to be split up for up to a year.

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No one can tell you for certain but your odds are good.

Your investigation has barely begun. It’s not safe to assume “the big stuff” has been cleared. You are likely to get your final clearance but that’s about the best anyone can tell you.

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A quick review of your SF86 and some quick background checks is your little free ticket for that agency/company.

Buckle up. Youre in for a long ride…

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