Pending DUI with Secret Clearance

I am currently starting a new job with a secret clearance and know I need to disclose a pending charge I have but am not sure how/when.

Less than 2 years ago, I left my employer where I had a Secret clearance, so I understand it became “inactive” at that point.

About 4 months ago, I got charged with a DUI on my way home from a company party (no clearance at that company). I was not fingerprinted, got a traffic style ticket and taken home by officer and dropped off.
I got more of the ticket paperwork over the course of maybe 2 months, have an attorney representing me and am working through the process which I am told might take a year or more.

Around this same time, I was being offered another job where I would need my clearance reinstated. All the forms have been done for that job and I am cleared to start in a few weeks. My new employer said they have sponsored me and I think my clearance has been reactivated since I was told I am OK to start.

My question comes about the security questionnaire in the pre-employment paperwork process. The only question where I would have disclosed the pending charge said in large print, something like: “ONLY DISCLOSE ACTUAL CONVICTIONS OR ACCEPTED PLEA DEALS”. I even talked to my lawyer about it and they said I wouldn’t disclose it there.

So now I feel nervous and on borrowed time, I know I have a pending DUI charge, unknown whether or not what the final charge will be, but I am supposed to start in this job soon.

What is the correct process to disclose this pending issue at this point?

I am really ignorant about how the security process works, I don’t know if I should be following internal company policy on when / how to disclose or what. Should I get ahold of the security group ASAP on my first week or what?

Thanks in advance.

You need to report this to your security group immediately.

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