Peraton Leadership

Within the last few weeks there has been a shake up and it has been announced the VP of RDG (will refer to this person by intials AD) is leaving as well as multiple high level regional field managers. Has anyone heard about this? A lot of major year end changes are happening and it makes you wonder if they all know something we do not or if Peraton is cleaning house? Maybe both.

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Why? You have already given enough info to out the person?

How many VP’s of the Risk Decision Group (RDG) do you think there are?

Yes anyone who is familiar with Peraton would know. Those who are not, would not know. Good observation though!

I was told the turnover with regional managers has to do with Peraton wanting them to actually live in the area they are in charge of. Some regional managers were not willing to move.

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I don’t know anything about peraton and a a simple Google search led me to the answer.

Security through obscurity isnt security


I heard that some of the leadership who left were fed up with the way things were going there.

What has been going on “with the way things were going there” as to why the VP and other management would leave Peraton?

Excellent question for everyone who left.

Decisions with management always seem reactionary. They never have any proactive thinking,

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I think the shake up is a good thing. Lots of people sitting in places for a long time doing the same thing year after year poorly or with little innovation. A few of the other higher level RDG departments need some shake up as well. IACC, Training, Document control, etc. Some of those folks have been sitting in the position too long and have come to think o fthemselves invincible elite and without innovation.