Field Managers Hiring Bonanza

What is up with Peraton Field Managers. A mass exodus of mid level managers and now a mass hiring event and every week there seems to be more open field manager positions? Anyone have theories? Have they reduced pay? Increased management responsibilities?

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Wild Guesses:

  1. Shareholders are streamlining looking for ways to make an extra dollar by getting rid of higher paid managers and bringing on new managers with lower salaries.

  2. Management is rolling out some new heavy burdens that will cause managers to actually work, other than stalking and harassing people, and managers aren’t having it because they’re all spoiled as crap and were flunky’s when hired and are now legends in their own minds who are above work.

(I know they didn’t all retire at the same time at under the age of 50 even though some are claiming that which is a lie, probably to save face).

Peraton isn’t publicly traded so it isn’t any shareholder quarterly earning thing. It’s privately owned by Veritas Capital. Increasing revenue still might be the reason. I can’t see how we are making any money as long and drawn out we are making some of these cases.

I believe the increase in field managers positions has to do with the increase in field staff. It seemed like some teams were getting very large.

I know someone who had new hire orientation this week and they said there were 150 people in there with them.