Personal interview

What kinds of questions are typically asked during the personal interview? Also, where does this interview take place? Thanks!

Is there something specifically you are worried about being asked? The location depends on your circumstances. Are you joining the military? It may take place at the recruiting station. Have you started at the employer the investigation is for? It will be at your place of employment. Do you work from home? It may be at a local library or police station.

I’m going back into the Army so I guess the interview will be at the recruiters office. I’m not worried about any of the questions I’m just trying to prepare as best I can. Thanks

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Questions will primarily be a review of the security questionnaire that you already completed.

During my interview they asked a couple of things that were wrong, e.g., so you are married to so-and-so? when I am divorced and said so in the SF86. It seems they want to make sure what you say matches what you put on the form.

The investigator probably just briefed your case too quickly and read it wrong. No big deal. Investigators do not have very long to look through case papers before they have to start working the case. They are only human.