Possible crime/ stupid decision

Greetings all,

I may be due up for a FS poly for an IC agency soon. I have a pretty clean background but I’m not a perfect person. I have one concern concerning a crime. In the past year I stupidly recorded 3 sexual partners without their consent. The partners were of age and the sexual acts were consensual just not me recording. My intent was just for my eyes only as I never distributed them or shown them to anyone. One of the videos was of my gf which I did tell her after I deleted them as I felt horrible for doing so. I have since deleted all the videos when I realized it was considered a crime as I stupidly thought it wasn’t as big of a big deal as I had no plans to distribute or share the videos with anyone.

I know the sf-86 states questions if I have ever been charged/convicted of a crime which I would answer no to because I have never been charged or convicted with anything and don’t really ask anything about this. I am concerned if this will bite me when I go for a poly as I intend to explain this so I can be fully honest.

So will this be an automatic suitability denial even if I explain myself like I did to the examiner?

Disregard. Misunderstood your question.