Previous harassment allegation

At my previous job, a subordinate filed a sexual harassment claim against me because I used crude humor in the workplace. Theres a lot to this story, but my position is the complaint was motivated because I was about to discipline this person, and the claim is pretty weak.

That said, my employer made my life hell and after nearly a year of “investigation” I quit because I hated my life. I wasnt fired. No discipline. No settlement agreement. I just quit.

Im now a federal vendor going through public trust moderate clearance. Should I indicate I quit following allegations of misconduct? Will this barr me from an IT role as a contractor? Are there mitigating steps I can take?

You will need to list the job in the employment section of the form.

Once the investigation for the clearance is in progress, a review of your employment record at that location will be required.

You can either not list the performance investigation and take your chances on whether the record reviewed has the details or not - or - you can be transparent and state on the form there was a challenging issue with a coworker.

Crude behavior shouldn’t have a place within a professional environment outside of the entertainment industry so hopefully you will either find a job where it’s welcomed or knock it off and save it for your after work club friends.