Previous Inconclusive Poly

New to the forum, long time lurker. Quick question:

I recently had to do a CI poly with the FBI as an FBI contractor but got 2 inconclusive results (wasn’t told I failed, never got any official notification that I’m no longer suitable). I’ve since ended my time there (voluntarily, wasn’t let go by FBI or the contractor. Got a better position somewhere else), and got a CJO for NSA as a fed after I left the FBI (Counterintel Investigator, if that helps). Just turned in my eQIP so waiting for the BI/psych/poly. Will NSA care that I had 2 inconclusives with the FBI? Or will they let me do the poly again with them? I know inconclusives aren’t exactly fails…

More than likely they will require you to do a FSP with them.

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Thanks for the response. So I won’t be denied a chance to do FSP because of my past inconclusives? It’s just the chance to do the poly over again I want, tbh…

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