Process stopped

Thanks for that info, yes, the 3-letter agencies seem to have an entire different clearance process than the rest of Gov entities.

FBI is still a scattered castles agency so the wait seems to mean the SC to JPAS line was backlogged

This was to another IC agency, however they are a DoD agency so it could have been the case.

Ahhh gotcha. Did your contact agency use SC or JPAS?

I am not sure. I wasnt the FSO/SSO.

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I received a letter from the agency today. It says : “please note that your background investigation has been successfully completed but due to a change of circumstances we are unable to provide you a contract at this time”.
So, on Friday they called me to say come to get processed for an onboarding and then a week later “their circumstances changed”. The letter also stated I can submit an FOIA request, which I just did. I still want to talk to a lawyer about it.

Clearance lawyer will want payment in advance.

Dima Ignore the critics. You did nothing wrong. Keep applying. You can also contact your US representative and US Senator to ask them to intervene.

Is this for a contractor job? If so, then any number of things might have happened. Based on that verbiage it sounds like maybe they lost the contract, or didn’t get some additional work they were hoping for, or that task got cut back from ten heads to six, or who knows what.

I knew a linguist who was in process for a contract job with FBI. This sounds a lot like what happened to her, namely, she made it through all the steps including the dreaded polygraph but did not get the job.


If I remember correctly, he was applying as a linguist to an agency that does not hire linguists as agents. They typically bring linguists on as contractors. I don’t know whether it’s handled through a third-party or if it’s a direct contract with the agency.

Guys (or girls), thanks for the support. Yes, I was being hired as a contractor directly with the agency (they don’t hire linguists full time right away). It’s not a contract for a program, it’s just they don’t hire fulltime, buy they always have work.
I spoke with the Lawer who said I don’t have a case. There was no discrimination or anything like that and they can withdraw the offer anytime…
Besides that I sent an email to the recruiting officer I dealt with for a year and she forwarded my email with the explanation to the HQ. Apparently they are looking into it.


Good luck, Dima. It’s a fickle world out there. Don’t let this experience discourage you. I am sure you’ll find another agency/company/entity that will value your skills. Keep treadin’. :slight_smile:

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There are several contractors that hire linguists for IC clients. They might be able to find your adjudicated clearance. Check out Leidos, CACI, SOS International and Booz Allen Hamilton. Good luck

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@yassal2017 Hi. As I understand, having a successfully completed adjudication is not the same as having a clearance. Does it take a lot less time for these contractors to pick it up and complete the clearance or do they normally start from scratch?

I’d like to resurrect this topic. It’s been 5 months since it happened and I am still not over it.
Quickly, I was processing by 3 letter DOJ agency for their Linguist position, passed all the tests, BI, polygraph and adjudication. Was told to come for processing to get onboarded and then after an unfortunate circumstances (you can read about it at the beginning of this chain) I was not processed and never got my TS read on.
Question: some time ago a contractor inquired about my status in SC and didn’t see anything under my name, can I contact a senator to ask of assistance in this matter? Every phase of my investigation was done but it’s not reflected in SC. Is there a way to have that somehow reflected in SC so other agencies/contractors can easily and much quicker complete my clearance? Is that something a senator could/would assist with?

I was told by a reliable source that the most likely reason your name does not appear in SC is because the investigators/reviewers have (improperly) not yet added it. They are supposed to add you to SC as soon as the investigation begins and update along the way. However, many do not, usually out of laziness, and instead wait until you are cleared to add it all at once.

Thank you. But since I haven’t been read on I wouldn’t have the actual TS in SC, can there be entered an information regarding completeness of my investigation, so other people can see it? Or is it TS or nothing? Is there another status like “investigation favorably completed” or something like that?

Had the feds done there job correctly, there should be a preliminary record of your investigation in SC. Since they provably intended to add the full TS at the very end and not update along the way, there is likely no record of you anywhere in SC. You can submit a private act request to the ODNI to confirm.

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Hijacking this thread a bit… I thought SC only listed info for individuals who were currently briefed/in access, whereas JPAS (now DISS I think) listed information on background investigations including historical info. If this is correct then that’s why it would not show up in castles.

I think SC is strictly for IC clearances and investigations, whereas JPAS is for everyone else. Same system though.