Processing timeframe


Im not going to go into crazy detail here as im very weary of posting anything about anything anywhere on the interwebs.

Anyway, recognizing the dealings with agw’s and ridiculously inflated timeframes, wondering if this is normal for someone within these parameters:

Applicant to a secret squirl agency:

SOF background.
decade of Gov SO experience.
Current TS
No social media ever
No foreign contacts
No drug use ever
No crime ever
No nothing ever…

Mid 2nd qrtr 2018 - interview / COE
Early 4th qrtr 2018 - SF86 phone interview
Late 4th qrtr 2018 - poly 1&2, med…
No contact since…

Wondering if there should be concern about a disappointing envelope in the mail with this much time since last contact? Polys were as expected, one played good cop, one played bad. No clear result upon conclusion. No’s to all questions as usual though. I will say that poligraphers dont like me as my resting heart rate is 40s-50s and very low respiratory rate. Calling to get status checks yields the usual Martha Stewart response…

Any thoughts appreciated…


It seems like the three letter agencies often get to a certain point and then sit on applicants. They may be starting more investigations than they need and then keeping prospective employees in a “bullpen” until needed. Or they may be continuing to research you on a deeper level before making a final decision.

I’m not sure who can tell . . .

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Concur Ed. Each is a unique case so you cannot compare one to the other, as some sit a year or more in adjudication, some sail right on by. Expect a good 6 month wait where you currently are, 18 months to 2 years total until cleared from date of sf86 submission.

Thanks for both the answers. One caviat question, would a separate phone call come along as notification of start of the background investigation, or was the sf86 review call prior to poly probably it?

You were clearly moving forward in getting a Poly. so I would count 18 months from there and not get excited until 24 months passed.