Public Trust and drugs 2 years ago during college?

Contractor here. I am applying for a public trust for VA and will be admitting to the following:

Marijuana use - Fewer than a dozen times from 05/2015 to 05/2019
Using someone else’s prescribed Adderall - 1 time in 5/2018
Cocaine use - 3 times from 10/2017 to 1/2019
LSD use - 2 times from 6/2017 to 2/2019

I graduated from college in 05/2019 and have since moved in with my parents in a different city so I am no longer in contact with the environment in which I have used drugs. I also explained my regret and intention in the SF85 form to never take any of these again. How good are my chances?

Your use is likely too recent and you knowingly used illegal substances.

Also, regret is not a mitigator.


Thanks for the insight. What if I just moved from California to Texas to begin my new job? Would that make any difference? My drug involvement took place within my fraternity and college and I have since disassociated with them as well.

Hopefully this is not for a position with DEA.