Public Trust Drug Use Questions

Hi there,
I’m a 23-year-old who just graduated from grad school and is a candidate for a civilian role within the DoD. I’m a little confused about how my behaviors should be recorded in the form, and how negatively these behaviors impact my chances for approval. Any help in those areas is greatly appreciated.
First and foremost, I don’t plan on lying on the SF-85 form I was asked to fill out, and this is the only thing that raises any concerns on my form.
Within the last year: I have smoked weed (less frequently than once a month to the best of my recollection), with the last time being about 3 months ago. I have given weed as gifts (no money or favors involved) to people because I wasn’t using it. I have also traveled within the state with weed. All of this was done within the same state where recreational weed is legal. I have also not purchased any weed in the last year.