Public Trust Clearence and Fed Felony for Accepting Illegal Gratuities

I got a federal felony 8 years ago for accepting illegal gratuities and I was also disbarred for 5 years at the time of conviction, I am retired military with honorable discharge. I recently applied and got accepted for an interview for a GS position that requires a Public Trust Background Check. I have had a clean record ever since my charge, I also had my Civil Rights restored in Virginia and currently hold a job in the same type of field (but it is a civilian job not government). So since I am no longer debarred, it has been over 8 years since my conviction what are my chances of passing the Public Trust Background Check? Is it worth the risk of giving up my current job and take a chance or it it not worth the risk. Reason is as my current job if I quite I will lose the position, then if I start with the government and dont pass the public trust then I am jobless.

Submit for the Public Trust and see if it is granted…or must you accept, submit and wait? If it is denied, sit where you are. Tell nobody. I applaud you for moving forward in a positive manner. It demonstrates a change of the path and not what defines you as a person. But why risk one in the hand for two in the bush?