Public Trust Denied?

I recently applied for a public trust and heard back yesterday that I had been denied due to collections debt of roughly $1500 and a previous “termination”. I have effectively appealed with a formal letter to the email they provided. I began a payment plan for the debt and made a payment with my last remaining savings and further explained the other issue- my employer at a part-time job in college reneged on time off granted for me so I informed them I would be taking the time off regardless (for serious personal issues) and we terminated my employment later. That may not have been clear in my original application, but I explained thoroughly in my appeal. Is there any hope of me being seriously reconsidered?

If you weren’t already employed by the agency then I don’t believe you have any appeal rights… Better luck next time.

At the end of the statement they provided they gave me a contact for reconsideration, so there seems to be something at least

Give it a shot. I hope it works out for you.