Public Trust Question EQUIP 2021

I got a CJO in March 2021, and I was told by the company that I should look out for EQUIP email, and to keep them aware of what is going on. I have not received any email from EQUIP and I just keep checking my emails . I made a follow up with the company and the only the I got back was that she sent an inquiry. Is this normal to wait for an EQUIP email for almost 2 months now. Its for a position in the government in DC, working as a consultant.
Any advise highly appreciated.

You need to call and email the person who advised you to be on the lookout for your e-QIP initiation email.

Perhaps your company office has not notified the security office to initiate you.

Either way, it’s on you to follow-up and see what’s up.

Thanks. Will follow up-just been wondering if that’s part of the delay to be expected.