When are they sending e-qip? Still waiting for the link

I received an offer last Thursday as a federal government contractor. My agency said I will receive e-qip link via email within 24 hours. Now it is more than 48 hours and I have not received any email.
My agency FSO mentioned that I will need to fill out SF85P.

How long do I need to wait to receive e-qip email to start my BI?

Did you check the junk mail/spam folder?

Yes. I checked all my folders, but still didn’t receive it. Is there any way I can contact the BI and find out?

I dont think your BI is the one that generates the eQip. There is usually a sponsor at the hiring organization that creates the eQip account and sends you the info.

I will be working at DHS and I thought the link should be from DHS. Is this correct?

BI has nothing to do with eQIP. Your FSO is responsible for initiating eQIP.

Mine is a big complicated. I am hired by agency A and my contract job is through other agency B. The work location is DHS.
I asked FSO in agency B about eQip. He said I will receive via email within 48 hours to a month. He said he does not know exactly when I will receive it from DHS.

In this case, what should I do? My start date is Dec 1st, 2019 but I have not even started necessary paperworks. : (

Have you tried talking to the security office of your actual employer? There should be someone, a point of contact, that’s handling the contract with the Agency B and your application. There should be an FSO at the hiring company’s security office?

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Well that could be it… first of all I assume you mean ‘company’ A and B, and A has a subcontract or similar relationship with company B, and they are the ones authorized to put you in or otherwise “turn on” the eQIP. Nobody can open up an investigation on you without a reason so it could be that the one company is waiting for the other.

And things get gummed up from time to time as well, regardless of company issues. But what you need to be aware of is that somewhere a clock is ticking, and just because you didn’t get the link in time doesnt mean the clock stops ticking. So make sure you have all the necessary info and get right on it when they do allow you to log on to the eQIP site.

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I called again to FSO in agency B. He said the link will be sent via DHS and they have no control over. Obviously agency A & B are NOT the one who sends the eqip link.
I am confused.

You will not be sent an eQIP link until DHS pays for the investigation.

What you can do is get a paper SF85 and start gathering the information needed for your submission. Having the information on paper will help you with the electronic submission.

Do you know if they plan to put you in for public trust (SF85) or secret (SF86)?

FSO said I will do SF85P - not sure if there is a difference between 85 and 85p

I did already and I am ready. When I read people’s eQip timeline, they seem to receive the link within 2-4 days. I wonder why they haven’t sent me this long.