Security clearance flagged

How long do you have to complete the SF86 from the time you log into eQip?

Thank you.

Your sponsoring agency should tell you but usually it’s 20-30 days.

Some give 5 days, some 7 or 10. The email should have a deadline.

Thank you. They didn’t give me any instructions. It’s already been open for two weeks but I need more time. I will ask them.

Don’t goof around. eQip is only open for a short period of time. I have never heard of it being open more than two weeks, one week is my experience.


Which agency is this?

Thanks for checking.
Please let me know if you find out anything.

That’s not an agency.

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All I know is that if you miss the deadline it can be a real pain to get them to open it again… so much so that some companies may not even bother and just move on to the next candidate. At least that’s how it was maybe five years ago.

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Yes. A lot of places, the deadline is the deadline. If you miss it, tough. You’re done, out of a job.

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What is it then? @HARPOON