Who is supposed to send eQip email?

I got a job offer on 10/30/19 and I still haven’t received an eqip link (today is 11/9/2019).
I am a subcontractor in Agency A. Agency B is a prime contractor with DHS.

FSO from Agency B said I will receive an eqip link within 48 hours to a YEAR!
I have a feeling that the FSO does not know the process and I asked HR in Agency A and found out about the timeline that makes sense.

In this case, who is sending me an eqip link? Is it Agency B or DHS?

I am confused, you seem to be mixing ‘agency’ and ‘contractor’

Based on a different post, I think Sunshine means she will be working for a subcontractor A, contractor B is the prime, both working for a client, DHS. (@Sunshine, when you say Agency, it makes people think you are referring to a federal agency, which can’t be a contractor.)

Sorry for the confusion. “Agency” means a private agency, not federal agency.

No, you mean a contractor. Agency is feds only. As a federal contractor, the personnel security unit (PSU) at your contracting employer will likely initiate you.