Received TO but has not received e-qip email for weeks


I received my TO dec 22 and I accepted the offer and completed my OF-306 dec 23. I waited until January 12 to call my hr rep at my sponsor agency to make sure i was not missing any emails or if there was issues since it was holiday time. He then checks with the security team and they say it just been a back log from the holidays and the email should be there in a couple of days. It’s now dec 24 and i still do not have the email. This is not for a secret security or top secret clearance requirement position. Can anyone give me any advice on weather i should just wait and be patience or who can I call at the NPS to get some answers on where the access log in email is? Or is this typical to wait 4 weeks for a e-qip email? This position requires me to move across the country and they sooner i get the final offer the quicker i can sell my property? Please any help will be great.

Check your spam and junk folders. And check your recently deleted folders. So many people delete their eQIP emails and then say they never got it.

All of this to say, make sure you gave your email address correctly when applying, and make sure your COR/HR/FSO has the correct email address for you.

Basically, it’s on you to find out what’s going on. The burden in this process is always on the applicant.

Thanks for the response. I have checked all email and also I double checked emails used and witteb in the application from and the OF-306. What department would handle that? I have been calling my hr rep and trying to get answers but he tells me give it a couple days and I’m afraid I may be getting on his bad side now.