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What are law enforcement checks vs criminal record checks during the conduction of your investigation.!?

Police departments/fingerprints (law enforcement) and courts.

Thanks I appreciate it, also what happens after your BI interview and everything is confirmed, as well as you received your EOD does that mean your investigation is in adjudication!?

when a person is arrested by local or state police, a record on the statewide criminal record system is created. if a person is arrested by federal law enforcement, a record on the FBI criminal record system is created. check on these systems is a criminal record check. the law enforcement check or local law enforcement check is basically a check with the police precinct/station where you live. hopefully this help.

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It means you’ve been granted an EOD. You could have another 2-9 months to adjudication. The security process is nothing to get excited about.

Thanks I appreciate all your input was just curious I’m new to all this stuff…!

Basically what 4vrnvr said. When you run a check through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, it will return an FBI number, and state(s) number(s). The FBI number would indicate you have a record and so would the individual state number(s). I used to run NCIC requests for the Postal Inspection Service and certified in NCIC. If you have nothing a short narrative will display showing no wants or warrants. They check with LLE for any jurisdiction you have resided because like anything, sometimes the arrest record does not get transmitted to the FBI, or gets lost in the process.

Nailed it, perfect response.