Q clearance terminated

Does anyone know why DCSA terminated Q clearances on October 1, 2019, when DoD took over? I was informed yesterday, that my Q clearance was terminated 10/1/2019!!! Additionally, I was instructed to fill out a “debriefing” form for DCSA to terminate my clearance. Research states that you are to be notified with an explanation with the reason for terminating the clearance with a chance to appeal. Is there a timeframe in which this is to be done? A federal contractor paid for my clearance and there are none of the 13 adjudicative actions to terminate my clearance. Sowhy and how can DoD do this legally? Since the decline of work for investigators, I could parlay having a Q into another position. To my knowledge, a terminated clearance does not bode well for me. Any insight would be helpful.

You are still adjudicated to T5 - you probably don’t need regular unescorted access to the DOE facility.

There would be no SOR as DCSA requests the reciprocity since they “hold” your clearance and not DOE.

This is an administrative downgrade. If you are concerned - ask your employer why you were removed.

I’ve never worked DOE, only DOD stuff, but I recall when they went through the lists of people at our company who had active TS clearances and ‘downgraded’ anyone who no longer required it. Like @backgdinvestigator stated it was an administrative action and people retained their eligibility.

See if you can verify that this was the case. The other question is how the new ‘continuous evaluation’ would affect your continued access. That is, would you retain eligibility for ‘Q’ access (which is kinda sorta like TS?) when they do your update?

Yeah, no big deal. I’ve had a Q added and removed on a couple of occasions, as needed.

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I think I got the same notification as you last week. It read to me like DOE just didn’t want to lump itself into the newly formed DCSA until they thought it out. I imagine they will begin to develop and implement their own new guidelines for their clearances. Perhaps another contract, with their own set of credentials and another handbook of coverage guidelines. Who knows. It’s a messy pot of constant changes.

About ten years ago I figured out how to dump the DoE clearance and went building access only. 1/4 the annual training and I only need escort for certain areas. There really is no need for an investigator to wander around most security areas unescorted.

IC’s or investigators need regularly un-escorted access. It would be a logistic nightmare and time consuming effort to try and get things accomplished.

Are you a full time investigator or contractor? If so which company?

Does anyone know if the OPM investigators were transferred over to DCSA investigators?

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I was under the impression Q was DOE; the equivalent is Top Secret for DoD. Is this correct?

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