Q Clearance transfer

I’m in my investigation for a Q clearance for a fellowship at DoE. This is a year long fellowship, and my contractor will sponsor the investigation and hold the clearance until the last day. As I look for jobs for after the fellowship, can apply to contractors/agencies that require an active TS? What’s the policy on applying to thingns while a current investigation is wrapping up?

This fellowship goes until June, but I know that transfers can take time and I don’t want to be behind the ball.

Are you already cleared? Or awaiting clearance eligibility? One can apply, but be frank and tell them how far along your BI is. They may not be interested unless you have an adjudicated and favorable BI. Once you have that…even if loyal to the client and company you were with at the time…you are free to shop around unless the fellowship requires maintaining employment for a set period after.

I haven’t been cleared yet, but I want to make sure I have a job when this fellowship is over.

My main question is if a Q counts as a TS when applying to contractor jobs. Some people I have talked to have never heard of a Q, but from what I understand, it actually covers more than a typical TS.

In other words: As I apply to jobs, can I apply to things that require a TS when I have a Q?

Short answer is yes once you are Q cleared. The complicated issue to this is, yes you can apply to positions requiring an Active TS but the problem is that they will not see you in JPAS (DoD). DOE and DoD are not too friendly with each other when it comes to that. However, if you are given the ability to explain it and have a competent FSO willing to do the reciprocity, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

A year is not long enough to get a Q. There will be nothing to hold. Investigations are ~2 years out right now.