Question about investigation


I have met with my background investigator weeks ago and to my knowledge, all of my references and employers have been interviewed. However, when I call OPM, they keep saying my investigation is pending and not completed yet. When I went through this process with an IC agency, they completed my BI in 2-3 weeks. Does the BI have to go through another process after the investigator has met with me and all of my references?


Its probably because your investigator hasnt submitted his report, its takes the investigator time to put everything together after the SI to submit his report, and the it goes through a review before final submittal. Everything takes time…there is nothing quick about this process


you could be missing a law check, an employment record, or any number of pieces to this complex process. Cases don’t close for any number of reasons.


For a T2S investigation for Moderate Risk Public Trust, I was interviewed in June 2018 and the investigation wasn’t closed out until end of September 2018. My understanding is that the interviewer then has to type it up (they can only take hand notes in the interview), and then that has to be reviewed at a higher level before officially closing it out before it moves onto adjudication.


T2S involves more than the interview - in fact the T2 interview only happens if there is a reason for the interview - similar to the T3.


They do not stop at the people you listed on the form. They ask those people for other contacts and can dig from there until they are happy.