Tier 2 Moderate Risk. Investigation Complete but still Pending.

Currently, my background check is still pending even though I’ve had my interview back in January. My interview went well and the investigator had no concerns. We spoke on my current payment plans that I have in place to pay back my debts and my 2017 trip to Tijuana that I took with some classmates in law school back in San Diego. We got some tacos and then we just drove back over the border. No problems and no trouble.

Every time I call in for a status update I am told that the investigation is still pending. My investigator stated that she no longer has my case and it was sent for review. My question is, why is the case still pending if the investigation is complete? Any insight advice from other folks will be greatly appreciated.

All the best and please all stay safe.

I am in exactly the same position right now. Will be awaiting responses. The only thing, if you call someone that should be your company recruiter that’s sponsoring you, not your investigator. Recruiter would now where you are in the process.

Not necessarily. The recruiter is not a personnel security specialist.

The OP should be calling the help desk line listed in their application materials. Generally, this is part of a personnel security unit that is processing the many components of the background investigation.

Does anyone know what it means that tier 2 investigation is “referred for additional review. another security specialist will be in contact”

Cant say for sure but it could be the case is in adjudication and the adjudicator wants some more information. Anyway that is what it sounds like.