Stuck and need advice

I had my investigation last august. They contacted one friend by phone, one neighbor by phone, and visited my former employer which i resigned from all after my interview. Weeks later contacted me by phone about issues from former employment. Even things i had no idea was in personnel file and never discussed by employer while employed. I got agree and dispute the results with investigator. My second date was 10/30/19 on ATS. Many other investigated after me are Q’d and ready to go. Then those hired way after me. In first of January ABQ says needs more info but have yet to reach out to me.
So should i be worried? Seems like a short sided investigation. Plus length of time and lack of effort to complete my case. I know backlogged.
Some have had their senator contact DOE and got clearances quickly there after. I can see that back firing too. Any thoughts?

First off your post is very hard to read and understand. But If I understand you are worried because others investigated after you are ready to go, and you are still in the process of being interviewed due to issues with a pervious employer. First off, what area is this investigation for? Secondly, you are having to be re-investigated basically so it can take some time. But I will tell you I would look for another job for the sake of having one while this is on going and just in case you aren’t granted a clearance which is quit possible depending on what was said by the former employer.

ATS says investigation is complete and at what they call second date awaiting third which clearance action. Been in that stage since 10/30/19. I am currently working at the company just limited to what work i can do. Plus it is required eventually. The time seems to be taking long. Was wondering former employer and the comment from ABQ saying needing more info yet havent reached out to me yet.
Then there is theory of some contacting congressman to spur along. Thoughts ?

There could be a hundred back-end reasons your investigation is on hold. Possibly someone they need to talk to is out of town, or there are more elements to be done by another investigator, or something needs to be re-done. Hang in there, it’ll get finished. Contacting your congressman isn’t going to do anything but put stress on investigators who are already working as fast as they can.