question about sf86

Hello - I am writing here because I’ve run out of places to ask. My son is in the process of filling out paperwork to go into the Navy. The SF86 is part of the process. I held various clearances over about 25 years, so I figured I could get this done quickly. However one question has me stumped, and getting a date to go to UCIS to ask them could be sometime next year. Our son is adopted from Korea. He came home to us at age 13 weeks. When he was 3 my husband filed the paperwork to get what we thought would be his Naturalization Cert. Years later it was pointed out to me that he has a Citizenship Cert because he is the legal child of US CItizens (yes incredibly I never read the words on the top of the form). So on the SF86, under the part that pertains to Citizenship Certs, it asks - “Where was the cert issued - city/court.” And none of us has a clue. My husband took care of it but he remembers nothing about it - my son is 24 now, this was a long time ago. We lived in NoVA then, outside of DC, so I’m thinking the court was Fairfax County, where we lived. However, their website doesn’t show them involved in this type of work. He has to turn in his SF next Wed, when he meets with his recruiter to start moving things along. I have no idea how we can get this info easily and quickly. Any ideas? Thanks!!

According to this lawyer website, it says to use place of residence. I wouldn’t stress too much over it. Investigator will simply have to do a little homework to cooberate the information and just put in the comments that it is to the best of your knowledge. I don’t think it will hold anything up. Best of luck and good luck to your son

Do the best you can with documenting location and explain in the comment section. The more important piece is to document the correct INS number that is on the Certificate of Citizenship on the SF86. That’s what they will use to look up and verify. The only reason I know this is bc I erroneously entered an incorrect INS number on my SF86, and NBIB asked me to check again and resend in my interview. I did and everything worked out fine.

Thank you sooo much!! And my son says thank you very much also. Have to say, my SF is about 20 pages long and it was still easier than this one - with nothing on it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yeah we have Col’s original Citizenship Cert so we have the number and I figured that was important. I also realize that this is the only copy we have – will be making more tomorrow!