Question about TS

I have a DoD Secret clearance with Special Access Program Navy clearances. If I changed jobs and the new job in a different state suggests I resign my current position and work from home until I get my TS with them. My question is: TS goes back 10 years. Credit bureaus go back 7 years. I believe I had a few hiccups in credit beyond the 7 years ( a few delinquents, lates). How do I disclose this on the Fs 86 if I have no records? And realistically, resigning my current position on hope of obtaining a TS…should I do it?

you only need to disclose information asked of you on the SF86 form. Thus if you have a debt that falls outside of the parameters of the question, you do not have to list anything. Financial questions are for 7 years. If you need to list anything you just need to list information to the best of your recollection (and can add a comment that the info listed is uncertain but to the best of your recollection).
Only you can determine what you should about accepting the job with the employer’s suggestion.

Hi. I thought all ts questions went back 10 years(criminal, financial), hence the question. Thanks.

Don’t resign on a non guaranteed thing, especially a clearance.

The same SF-86 you filled out to get your secret, will be the same for a TS.

Nothing will change or be different.

DO NOT RESIGN your current job if you do not have the necessary clearances to work at the second job. I’m not saying don’t go for it but unless they are going to sponsor you through the entire process AND pay you to work ‘other duties’ that dont require the TS, you need to stay with your current job and clearance.

One of the biggest career killers can be doing ANYTHING that risks your clearance being dropped while in transition e.g. 5 year PR, upgrade from S to TS, etc.