Question Concerning the Review Process

I spoke to my investigator at the end of March. They said that they needed to go over a few details about my case before it was sent off to review.

My question is what happens during this review process? I know this is a fruitless question, but is there any sort of timeline associated with the review process?

I know that I am not in adjudication yet per the NBIB FOIA hotline. I am assuming once the review is completed, and if there are no issues, it is sent to the requesting agency for adjudication.

Any information or insight regarding this process would be greatly appreciated.

The Review process is basically between the Investigation and the Adjudication. The investigator sends the report to a reviewer from his company to basically give it a once over before it is being sent to adjudication. They look for discrepancies in Dates and Locations and if one is found they kick the investigation back to the BI to flesh out the discrepancy. Think of the review process as a double check before being sent to adjudication.