NBIB Administrative Review

I was told that NBIB has my security clearance under Administrative Review. What will be the next steps? I work as a contract BI for perspecta but was told I was suspended from the NBIB contract will the review takes place. I disclosed that I filed a Chapter 13 over a year ago because of loss of overall household income. I included all details on my SF86 and discussed with my Investigator during my interview. No other issues. Any one else have a similar experience?

It normally means that something derogatory was found and they are reviewing it. Did you disclose that chapter 13 while you were going through it or during your investigation. That’s a self-reporting thing, so that could be it.

Can you clarify your timeline? You say that you work as a contract BI, so you must already have your clearance. Did you disclose your Chapter 13 on your initial SF86 and discuss it with your investigator before you started working as a contract BI? Or did your financial issue develop after you were cleared and working?

If you disclosed the Chapter 13 and discussed it with your investigator before you got the job it would seem that something different and unrelated has triggered the administrative review. Can you think of anything else that may have triggered the review?

Good luck. The same thing happened to me while I have an incident report in JPAS pending. My creds were suspended until the investigation is complete. Per the company they give 90 days to complete the investigation and if its not complete within 90 days then you are terminated. I was terminated while waiting for the investigation to close.

How long after we’re you terminated? I’m thinking that if I’m terminated before a decision is made then it will not be a denial. What are your thoughts?

So was your clearance denied? Or was it undetermined? Were you ever picked up by another agency?

Filed After initial clearance was given. So I disclosed on my SF86 for my PR and discussed with my BI. No other issues, so the admin review has to be about Chapter 13.

90 days from notice of suspension.

My situation is a bit difference. I maintain a TS-SCI through the Army Reserves. I’m in adjudication for a reinvestigation so when it gets adjudicated my incident report gets adjudicated.