My interim has been suspended

I was interviewed for my job in March 2018 had my interview with BI in April 2018 and started working for the company in May 2018. I received a call at the end of oct stating that NBIB has suspended my interim. My company provided me with no information why. What is the timeline for me to hear something from the Adjudications department or receive a letter for whatever information they are needing?

Depends on the complexity of what they took issue with. You are in the best position to know what it concerns. Are your finances superb, or just “okay”? Is there a history of recreational drug use, crimes, arrests, anti government activities, or foreign contacts? I recommend digging deep on finances, making sure everything is in a repayment plan and try to recall if you previously had an issue. This isn’t necessarily ominous. It is something they need scope and have weighed against the standards. It can take a long time in adjudication.

NBIB only suspends their own employees and contractor clearances. Your requesting agency suspended your interim. Which agency are you working for?

I do have one financial account that is in collections. I have not tried to make a payment plan because I wasn’t disputing the charge but that is he only thing. I do not have any criminal or drug use. I work for perspecta. Perspecta stayed that NBIB suspended me so they had to suspend me since I wasn’t allowed to have access. My case was closed back in July so I really don’t know what could be going on.

I am surprised you got an interim… financial concerns are at the top of the list when it comes to problems getting a clearance, and it is easy and quick for them to run a credit check to find something like that.

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NBIB would have known about the delinquent account when the interim was granted. It sounds like something else came up and the interim was pulled.