Pending Agency Review

Im looking for some insight if you please. I applied for and accepted a contingent offer for a BI job from one of the “big 3.”

I submitted my prints and eQip 10 days ago. I was told via email that my eQip was accepted and was “pending agency review.” An additional email was sent by me to the FSO asking for clarification about this and I was told that “Pending agency review means NBIB has your information and is in the process of reviewing to make their determination.”

I’ve neither been interviewed nor has my credit report reflected and hard inquiries to suggest anyone has started my Tier 5.

Might someone here weigh in a bit to provide me some insight into what this means as far as the process goes etc.

Pending agency review simply means that the agency who is submitting the investigation to NBIB is reviewing it for errors/completeness before releasing it to NBIB to schedule the investigation. They could reject it back to you for corrections or submit it to NBIB.


Thank you for the reply, but, the agency submitting my info to NBIB are the ones I am attributing the above quoted sentence to. That said clearly the info they gave me confuses me. How can they have it pending review (which I understand your explanation for) and then tell me that NBIB has it and it’s pending review with them (NBIB). Am I missing something or misreading?

My thanks for the insight

It is all semantics, basically it sounds like the agency for whom your company works for submitted the investigation application to NBIB who is reviewing it for scheduling. You really shouldn’t be stressing about anything at this VERY early stage.

Got it. Thanks again for the input

Morning–I have a similar question–My information was released to DHA on last week the 11th. and said they are waiting on ISN (interim access) before I can start the job… In your experience how long does that process take? I’ve read on this site 4-5 days for interim (not sure if i read it right) or is it more along the lines for 4-6 weeks? Just kinda wanting a ball park of what to expect. Your response is appreciated in advance. #newbeintex