Question For New SCIS (and others) Investigators

Hello. Silly question here…just because I am curious.

I am going through the investigation phase with SCIS to become a Level 1 Background Investigator. Seeing how I am new to this profession I was wondering at what point do you get issued a badge and your credentials? And I assume I will need a PIV Card? How and when will I get that?

Also, when and how do I receive my company phone, laptop and printer/fax machine?


Everything happens AFTER the training.

OP- how did everything work out after you posted this? I just got my training date and I’m eager to know what I should do to prepare for the training. Thanks!

You will likely receive your credentials the week you start training. When I went through training we had to have credentials in order to shadow another investigator for two days prior to going to in-house training, so the credentials were received during my first week before I event went to the in house portion. If you have a location less than 100 miles from you then they will likely allow you time to go get your PIV card and reimburse you for the mileage. In my case, I was over 100 miles away from the nearest facility where I could get a PIV card but I was able to get it during the in house portion of training.