question on current manager info

Hello, on the employment section of SF86 form, we have to provide contact information for the current manager. Will the manager be contacted and informed that you’re trying to leave? Anybody had issues with your manager give you hard time after he/she finds out. Thanks!

Yes, the current manager will be contacted if listed.

It depends. They want to verify employment. In my situation I gave the main corporate number to HR and they were able to find out my information without actually talking with my manager. If you have an alternate number that can verify your employment you can list that. You will still have to list your manager but they may contact the main corporate number, if you have that.

If it’s just a matter of verify employment I can find a corporate HR number and enter in the “Employer phone number” question. However, in the very next subsection, there are questions about supervisor’s name, email, and phone number. Do I have to give out the info if I don’t want my manger to find out?

Yes, you have to give the information. This isn’t a “job application” where you can fudge around. If you don’t provide the information you will be asked for it and it will delay your clearance.

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OK I will do that. Thanks!

Good luck- when I gave my employer a ‘heads up’ that I was being investigated or a BI position, my workload (and my pay because I get paid per job) decreased by 30-40%. That was 5 months ago, and now I’m going to have to find a part time job to make up the difference, or another full time job that pays more because there is no end in sight!

Thanks @llama for sharing your story. That’s exactly my concern about current manager being contacted, you may be put on the hated list or even terminated. Just to clarify, did you notify your employer or did they find out from the investigator?

I let the owner know since it’s an 8 person company, and he’s my supervisor that would be (was) interviewed anyway…

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