1 what is meant by you have unmitigated issues that need to be mitigated
2our records shows this individual to be in a separated status with his current company
3 Alan Edmunds law firm prepared a reapplication brief and submitted it directly to DOHA,my company’s FSO was told that my breif could not be process without a reapplication request from my company’s FSO,what does this entail in order to submitt
4if JPAS finds some issues with someone’s security clearance how do they notify the individual in question

Sounds like the individual’s clearance was in a suspend or awaiting adjudication status because of unresolved issues. Because the individual separated prior to the issues getting resolved all actions were stopped. In order for the process to begin again a company/FSO has to sponsor the individual for a clearance, at which time the issues will be addressed with the individual. They will not waste time on it until there is a need for a clearance.