RB contract immediate halt

Does anyone know what happened to cause the RB contract work via phone to come to a complete halt effective immediately? There was a directive to type and transmit everything in our possession by COB today. Very abrupt, makes me wonder what happened.

What is the RB contract?

Ruby Beret (or Red Beret) - not 100% sure 'cuz I don’t do it, but, I think it is a contract that CACI does in addition to DCSA. I have no idea if it is down or pulled or anything.

No - I saw nothing about this today.

Which contractor are you with?

CACI. No explanations, just a company-wide halt.

I wonder if they lost the contract. It’s up for rebid I believe.

Raspberry Beret and it sounds like CACI lost the contract.

Some contracts/agencies have decided to halt all their investigation work at this time due to complexities involved in the facilities and closure issues. COVID is messing with everyone’s time table.

Raspberry Beret, Excalibur, and UNI are all on stop work orders because of issues directly (or indirectly) related to COVID.