Re-investigation for security "incident" in JPAS

(um…does seeking mental health REALLY not affect your clearance?")

Have any investigators (re?) done a background check to investigate a reported mental health “incident” on someone’s JPAS from years ago? My 5 year re-investigation was adjudicated Sept 16. A hospitalization occurred in Jul 17, and I had to fill out an eQIP again last month. My agency holding my SCI kept me in access while having me in ‘monitoring’ for a year following the incident.

I just don’t know whether it will be the holder of my TS investigating (who may not have much information about it) or the one with my SCI that has all the information on it. I’m apparently an anomaly as someone who has known significant mental health issues and maintains a clearance. I’m stressing out a bit not understanding what’s going on.

If your last periodic update was adjudicated in Sep 2016, that means your investigation was completed some time before that… probably at least a year.

It is possible it is just time for your next five year update, as the five year clock starts ticking from the date the investigation is complete, not the final adjudication date. They may decide to move you to continuous evaluation.

I’m in CE already. That’s the most confusing part.