Reaching out to a congressman

No idea here, I only have my recruiter as a contact. I thought that guy came along with the investigator part of it, so I’m clueless.

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@Trey3 My friend, I heard from my investigator today. 204 days after submitting my SF86.

I do hope you try to reach out to someone, and get some movement soon!


@Batdog123, that’s amazing. Happy to hear, bud!!!

I wanna make sure I understand your circumstances before I proceed:

  1. What tier is it?

  2. Agency (IC?) Ie, Ft. Meade? Fed or contractor?

  3. And after contacting your congressman, you heard from someone almost immediately?

As of now, I’m sitting at 336 business days since submitting SF-86.

@Batdog123, I’m glad you finally heard from an investigator. Hopefully smooth sailing from here, but who are we kidding lol

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@Rkf4ever, yeah, bout damn time. Finally, there’s some movement for him.

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This is for a TS/SCI clearance, and a fed position at an IC agency.

I didn’t contact my congressman yet. I was waiting another 50 days or so if I hadn’t heard anything, because that would have been out of the window my recruiter gave me. This happened out of the blue and on its own.

I don’t know about them, but if I were you, I would reach out to a congressman since its been almost a year since submitting your SF86. You are their constituent and serving their constituents is part of their job. It can’t hurt anything, and maybe it will encourage movement in your favor. The worst they can do is tell you to keep waiting.

@Rkf4ever thank you! Looks like I will be joining you soon in the post adj phase of things, lol. The great absyss.


@Batdog123, oh ok, got it!

That’s sound advice… and at some point soon, I guess, I’ll have to follow it.

Did your investigator say how long your BI would take?

Again, congratulations!!!

If you had to reach out, I’d recommend reaching out to your Senator not your congressman. Senators tend to have better understanding of the clearance process than congressmen. This is from a personal experience.

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@yassal2017, ok, thank you very much!!! Just gotta work up the courage now. Maybe I’ll wait until I hit 365 business days exactly. :man_facepalming:t5:

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@yassal2017 whoops, yes. Follow up with a senator, not a congressman. Sometimes I get my words crossed.

Trey, they have forms already on their websites you can use, and give your information. There was a great post here of a template someone used to reach out, and I had planned on using it. I will try to find it again and tag you in it.

The investigator said it will be an hour or less interview, and hes also going to be knocking out several coworker interviews and my bosses interview at the same time. I have also lined up a few of my references to be in the area that day so he doesn’t have to go searching for them. Trying to make everyones life easier, haha.

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@Batdog123… ok, thanks. I would greatly appreciate that.

@Batdog123, well… I called my Senators office today and I was provided with the privacy release form. I’m gonna wait until August before I send it in… hoping to have the same experience you did— that I’m contacted before I even have to submit it.

Wait, what? A senator is a Member of Congress. Both the Sentators and State Representatives serve as MoC. Why are people waiting so long to contact their MOC?

@velcroTech, what’s the time limit at which some should?


I’ve just heard that actual senators are more likely to come with positive results, and representatives dont always take the requests as seriously. I heard that if you see them asking for a case number, and more information than your standard “Name/Address/Email”, its more likely they are going to handle the case with care. I know that for my state, the senators form was very lengthy and detailed, whereas my rep just had a short little “write comments/questions” here on their federal agency page.

@Trey3 why wait? You’ve already passed a year and then some. I dont see a difference in now, and a month later.

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@Batdog123, I just thought it was appropriate to wait at least for a year in business days. Thoughts?

Why would anybody wait for a year to contact their congress members? Both your representative and your senators. One year? Why not five?

Contact your representatives when you believe that your security application appears stalled. Plain and simple. If it’s been nine months and you haven’t heard from an investigator, contact them. If your investigation is complete and you’ve been in adjudication for more than six or eight weeks, contact them.

If you know that you have serious issues, you might want to wait longer but I started a conversation with my representative’s office after about three months. This is what their staff is there for. Maybe if enough offices start to hear about enough problems they will actually get off of their asses and make some changes to improve the situation.


Said it better than I ever could have, haha.


@EdFarmerIII, I knew you’d chime in with that no nonsense tri state attitude. :wink:

Ok, so I will submit the form ASAP!!!

@Batdog123, yeah, pretty much!!!

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